We welcome you to the 1st Hampton Roads Expo Extravaganza which will be held at the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton, VA. Inspire yourself with W.H.E.N. (Wealth, Health, Entertainment, and New fashions).

The overall goal for T.H.R.E.E. is to have a two-day fun-filled festival style setting with a business/ local networking where you can learn, shop, build and enjoy music and fashion.

Saturday, JULY 27, 2019 EVENT SCHEDULE

**All times subject to change

Day 1- July 27th  11am-7pm- W.H.E.N. Conference (Wealth, Health, Entertainment and New Fashions)


·         Official book launching of Author Tamiya Davis : FROM FATAL TO FIERCE 

·         We introduce to you a conference with a seasoned selected panel embedded with years of experience in their career field (Finance/Business/ Wealth, Health/Nutrition /Exercise, Entertainment/Music, Fashion/Beauty/Style).

Five Focal Areas: Brand Positioning * Brand Promise * Brand Differentiators * Brand Personality * Brand Story



·         Creating MULTIPLE streams of income.

·         Tips on Money management and credit score development

·         Starting/ Running a successful Business

·         Budgeting

·         Investing

·         Branding




·         Discussing mental and physical health

·         Exercise Tips

·         Healthy Diet and resources




·         Growth in the music and television industry

·         Networking opportunities

·         Branding

·         Balance risk and rewards




·         Life as a Stylist/ Designer/MUA

·         How to grow clientele

·         Branding

·         Finding your Niche

·         Daily makeup and beauty tips

·         Fashion trends

·         Fashion Do's and Don'ts

Sunday, JULY 28, 2019 EVENT SCHEDULE

**All times subject to change

Day 2- July 28th- Expo/ Runway Show


10 am- 5pm: Expo ( Cash Bar/ Premium Deli Options)

  • Over 100 selected vendors ( food tasting, hair specialist, beauty care, apparel and accessories boutiques, book authors, car care specialists, finance advisors, real estate specialists ,music and entertainment, crafts and much more


7pm- 9pm: Runway Show ( Cash Bar/ Premium Deli Options)


  • Enjoy an evening of high fashion runway designs

  • Fashions selected boutiques and Evolving Fashion Designers

  • Men and women fashion ( Daywear, Contemporary, Evening Wear)

  • 1st Annual Travian Vann FAB Scholarship Award (Fashion/Arts/Business)



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