Dr. Sunshine Swinson

Owner of Fit Bar/The High On High Street Cigar Bar


Born May 21, 1983, the last of 4 children, Sunshine Swinson's mom knew that she would be what she considered "a ray of Sunshine". Born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia, education was pushed in her family as this was seen as the only way out of the projects. Sunshine strived towards academic excellence however during her senior year of high school she became a teenage mother. Immediately casted as a statistic and considered to be on the fast track to project living, life become real for her. Refusing to be what many envisioned of her, Sunshine graduated high school and went off to college where she graduated at the top of her class with the Presidential Seal of Excellence Award; only awarded to less than 5 students that year. From there education became the anchor of her foundation. She now holds a Bachelor of Arts, two Master Degrees and a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) and soon to attend Law School this fall. Her professional career surrounds budget development, fiscal management and

strategic planning. She has served in multiple capacities in both local and federal governments overseeing multimillion dollar budgets and projects. After a life changing event where a dear friend of hers was diagnosed and lost her battle with triple negative breast cancer, Sunshine's life changed! She decided to change her eating, exercise and detox her body. She lost 68 pounds and started to feel better and from there her passion grow to want to help others change their lives. She left her full time career to pursue this new found purpose on life and she is now the owner of Fit Bar and Fit Bar Express; a full service Group Fitness, Juice and Smoothie Bar. She also runs a Not for Profit 501c3 organization called Fit Bar Kids aimed at eliminating childhood obesity. To round out her entrepreneurial portfolio she also runs The High on High St. A Members Only private lounge and event rental space. In her 34 years on this earth life has thrown its share of obstacles her way however through it all she has managed to continue to love people and give it her all. Please help me in welcoming.... Dr. Sunshine M. Swinson...

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