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Charles Holloway, a native of Newport News, is a licensed real estate professional/ entrepreneur in Virginia. Serving Hampton Roads (Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Smithfield and Suffolk) and surrounding areas.

Among his passions are faith, family and friends. His favorite pastimes are sports, active church involvement, exercising, mentoring youth and community service projects.

Charles discovered that his life’s purpose is to serve others by way of his time, talents and treasures. Operating in these capacities bring him the greatest sense of achievement and joy in life. Becoming a real estate agent is his gift to give back. Charles' mission is simple -- build strong, healthy communities one key turn at a time!

In October 2012, Charles jumped out on faith to begin a career in real estate. After much early success, Charles would later create the “HOLLOWAY EXPERIENCE” in July of 2013. The HOLLOWAY EXPERIENCE REAL ESTATE is different by design. You can expect a personal touch, win-win deals and positive results! Our keys to success for our clients include utilizing the latest technologies, market research, and business strategies, to exceed your expectations. The core to our success is: we lead with LOVE, SERVE and CARE and our foundation is treating everyone like family! #iPromise

In 2016, Charles starting his own title company, Elite Title & Escrow. To date he has seen amazing results. Charles has this business over achieving early projections. The amazing kicker is for every dollar earned, Charles has managed to keep 91 cents. This was birth by Charles’ commitment to creating leverage for himself and his family.

Next, in 2018 Charles form a property management company. The desire with this business creation was to be a one stop shop. To be known, but to also be known as one of the few full service real estate organizations on the peninsula. 

Lastly, Charles developed a love for renovating houses that are affordable with Holloway Group Properties, LLC. Charles and team focuses on finding homes in low to mid-income area for a complete rehab. In return, HGP, LLC prides itself on delivering an updated and upscale property in a price that is affordable to the community they serve.  HGP, LLL see their vision as only one way: Turn an ugly duckling into a pretty swan!

Life offer plenty of opportunities! You must be ready and inviting to take advantage! If you do not see a seat at the table for you, pull up a chair or set your own table. You choose! 

Regina Small

Business Owner of

Genique Locs




Regina Small is a Master Loctician who helps her clients to grow gorgeous, healthy and envied locs. With a desire to bring out the inner beauty of others, she is known for her “growing hands” and helping clients express their individual style with a creative, precise technique that cuts their appointment time in half.


Regina is motivated by showing others how to embrace their own fierceness, because she’s discovered the true secret to unlocking it- the belief that you can do whatever you want, if only you believe you can. Regina believes that if she can do it, you can too. If you want long, neat and beautiful locs, you can have them. And if you want to get in the business as a loctician, you can too.

After 16 years of doing locs, Regina was able to walk away from her nine-to-five and successfully pursue her passion full-time. Since then she’s received her certification as a Master Loctician, and was featured in Fierce Life’s Digital Magazine which officially dubbed her  a “Naturalista”.

By helping hundreds of clients both begin their loc journeys and salvaging locs that seemed unrecoverable, Regina has built a thriving client base. They enjoy the fact that she’s got scheduling down to a science (which allows them to have precise locs without taking up half of their day) and that their locs are done the right way (by starting with a great foundation and using only healthy techniques and products).


So what’s next?

Regina looks forward  to completing her Sisterlock™ Certification and launching her own product line.

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