Sharon L Sykes

Author/Counselor/Public Speaker


Blessed to grow up with both parents and to be raised in the church, Sharon is a family-oriented, hard working, praying woman with an ordinarily exceptional life who prefers spirituality over religion.  A sought after motivational speaker, she yet envisions a future of marital bliss, but has discovered just the right balance of expectancy coupled with contentment which brings her great satisfaction in her singleness. In the meantime, she is as much a crusader for Black men as she is an advocate for women. Those who know her can attest to the fact that she has wisdom beyond her years and unmatched tenacity, (pulling her Masters in Professional Counseling with a 3.55 gpa). Sharon is an educator at heart with a focus on relationships.


In addition, she has an extensive background in media that ranges from program director to producer to hosting a national radio show which covered 33 states and parts of Europe.  At home on either side of the camera, (from model to entertainment correspondent), her real calling is teaching women simple insights that can bring the peace so many of us desperately seek. While keeping many plates spinning, she makes time to workout, ensures that those around her join her in eating healthy, and mentors the youth in her village.  Whether it is in the classroom, on the red carpet or behind a microphone, her knowledge of her worth and her position enables her to never lose focus of her calling. Her desire is to help you do what, in some cases, she learned to do the hard way.  


Having been through a ‘surface’ relationship that turned out to be less than advertised, she now shares with others how to avoid the emotional pitfalls which can lead down the road to intimidation and domination. Her story will help you see why a growing savings account, rising credit score, well executed budget, and impressive retirement account still equals emptiness.  She will take you back to your childhood and help you discover the ‘why’ of your fears and the ‘how’ of overcoming your triggers. She will then lead you step by step to align your gifts with your purpose in order to find a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Visit: www.healtheculture.org

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